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Subject:art projects
Time:11:18 pm
Today I went to pick up Maya from pre-school.  She was drawing when I arrived, which is pretty much the case every time I come - the girl loves her art.  When I complimented her on the picture she was drawing, one of her other classmates perked up. "Maya drew me a picture," he said. "It was really funny."

"Funny?" I grinned. "What was it a picture of?"  The boy immediately grew evasive. "A bird," he said, giggling, "But... she also wrote something on it."  But he wouldn't tell me what it said.

"Maya? What did you write on the picture."  She lowered her head. "I don't want to tell you."  I tried not to, but I couldn't help laughing. "Why?"  She lowered her voice in shame.

"Because it was a potty word."

At this, I was hard pressed to avoid cracking up on the spot, but I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable, so I dropped the subject... until later that evening, when we were in private. When I asked her again, she protested.

"But I don't want to tell you because it was a potty word and our teacher said we shouldn't say potty words."  Her voice lilted in the way it does when she is protesting, or ashamed, or both.

"Maya, honey," I said, "I promise I won't be mad - I'll probably think it's funny. Can you tell me what you wrote, please?"

She lowered her voice even further, to the point where I could barely hear it.

"'Fart'," she said.

I couldn't help it. I had been squatting on the balls of my feet next to her - I literally fell backwards onto my ass and collapsed into laughter. "Maya," I said, "are you telling me that you drew Jimmy a picture of a bird, and then wrote 'fart' on it?"

She nodded, and giggled.

5 years old is turning out to be <i>awesome</i>.
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Subject:they might be giants, and my violin teacher.
Time:07:24 pm
1. We cracked open Here Comes Science today, by They Might Be Giants. I was sorta wondering how they were going to handle the whole "science versus revealed knowledge" thing, and if they'd need to dance around it. Well, not wondering any more. Track one, first verse:

Science is real From the Big Bang to DNA Science is real From evolution to the Milky Way I like the stories About angels, unicorns and elves Now I like those stories As much as anybody else But when I'm seeking knowledge Either simple or abstract The facts are with science The facts are with science


2. This is my teacher. She's going to do a site redesign soon, after which I'll linky-linky her site. She is awesome.

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Subject:hello again
Time:10:04 pm
Happy halloween. I just went to a wedding! It was the bees knees.

Now: a drunk Ewok attempts to kick Al Roker, who is dressed as Han Solo, in the nuts. No, I'm not kidding.

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Subject:chessie, 1992 - 2009
Time:10:36 pm

chessie, 1992 - 2009
Originally uploaded by sammy baby
Chessie, Queen of the Kitties, left us to frolic alongside the rivers of gravy in the sky today. Although honestly, she's probably just sitting there licking. Frolicking always seemed beneath her.

Chessie, also known as "Chessie Boo," or occasionally "Chessie-Chessie Pudding Pops Tikka Masla Vindaloo Kitty," was the result of an impulse purchase on the part of Keet's family. When I met Keet, the big sign that I was Mister Right was that Chessie took an immediate liking to me, I suppose more so than her other boyfriends. Chessie's kitty friend and sidekick - named, unsurprisingly, Sidekick - also took a shine to me, and I have fond memories of sitting on the couch in the house in Maryland while the two cats vied for my lap.

Since Keet and I have lived together (that's since 1996, y'all), we've also lived with Chessie, who despite repeated threats (we imagined her with a voice like Peter Lorre, or perhaps Ren Hoek), never once pooped on our pillow. When we got married, Keet illustrated our wedding invitations with images of the three of us.

For the record, Chessie was against us having a child. But Maya loved her very much too, and Chessie tolerated being poked and grabbed by a toddler as best as she could. The reward for her patience was the unqualified love that only a 4 year old can give, for better or for worse. Suffice it to say that she rarely wanted for petting.

Chessie did, however, support two of our creative endeavors without reservation: my attempts to become a better cook, especially where roast chicken was involved; and Keet's quilting. In this picture, Chessie is sitting on a recent quilt of Keet's, on our bed. I think it's my favorite of her work.

Goodnight, kitty. We miss you terribly.
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Subject:BSG nostalgia
Time:08:49 pm

Originally uploaded by sammy baby
Just now I was showing this picture to Maya, and she pipes up in a little squeaky voice, "We're going the wrong way!"
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Subject:out of the mouths of babes
Time:06:40 pm
Maya wanted to put on a dress after she got home from school today - pretty common, really. After she got it on, I was sorta overcome by how cute she looked, and told her so.

ME: Maya, I don't love you because you're pretty... but I love you very much, and you're very pretty.

MAYA: I love you too, Daddy.

ME: But would you love me if I weren't pretty?

And there you have it.
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Subject:an overgrown tree
Time:03:25 pm
So, I read this article today, and it sorta blew my mind a little. Not that it should.

The government looking at expanding a pioneering scheme in Flint, one of the poorest US cities, which involves razing entire districts and returning the land to nature...

Having outlined his strategy to Barack Obama during the election campaign, Mr Kildee has now been approached by the US government and a group of charities who want him to apply what he has learnt to the rest of the country.

Mr Kildee said he will concentrate on 50 cities, identified in a recent study by the Brookings Institution, an influential Washington think-tank, as potentially needing to shrink substantially to cope with their declining fortunes.

Most are former industrial cities in the "rust belt" of America's Mid-West and North East. They include Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.


"Much of the land will be given back to nature. People will enjoy living near a forest or meadow," he said.

Mr Kildee acknowledged that some fellow Americans considered his solution "defeatist" but he insisted it was "no more defeatist than pruning an overgrown tree so it can bear fruit again".


Wow. As much as sprawl bothers me, I have to admit that I find this unnerving, which speaks exactly to the type of mindset that Kildee is talking about.

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Time:05:29 pm
... I will like in bed and imagine that this girl is singing to me.

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Subject:paranoiacs and power
Time:10:53 pm

"We fail to recognize the fact that we're alone out there in terms
of trying to achieve the objective of forcing the Iranians to give up
their nuclear weapons," Cheney said at a dinner following the Intelligence Squared debate,
in which Elizabeth Cheney and former Coalition Provisional Authority
spokesman Dan Senor debated former diplomat Nicholas Burns and Mideast
scholar Ken Pollack on the topic of negotiations with Iran.

The former Vice President characterized the Iranian goal in
negotiations on ending that country's nuclear program as mere stalling
for time, and the Europeans as trying to "restrain the U.S." from
military action.

"Everybody's in a giant conspiracy to achieve a different objective than the one we want to achieve," Cheney said.

Your former vice president, ladies and gentlemen.


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Subject:jebus, redstaters.
Time:09:29 pm
Linking to alicublog, because I can't bear to link to the original. Roy gives this the fisking it deserves.

I think one of his commenters hits it on the head - for a bunch of people who claim to be fighting an encroaching nanny state, they sure are patronizing.

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